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7 reasons why should you become an Introducing Broker with IQ Option?

7 reasons why should you become an Introducing Broker with IQ Option?

Reason #2 — Market Analysis & Blog!

IQ Option trading platform
There is plenty of information available for IQ Option traders and partners: from timely news and forecasts to guides and trading strategies. The main point of the Market Analysis and IQ Blog is to show how easily you can create an alternative to professional news outlets, magazines and websites, dedicated entirely to trading witch one you can monetise with IQ Option Introducing Broker program. There are several reasons to use Market Analysis when introducing customers to the platform and turn to blog articles when looking for information. This article will help you understand how you can benefit from the value that both provide to traders.
First, both features are tailored specifically to IQ Option clients and our partners are welcome to use our intellectual products with a relevant reference. In our articles we write about assets that are readily available on the platform and avoid the unnecessary information noise — things that are either not important or do not directly affect your traders’ the trading process. In times when overabundance of information is inevitable, being able to read things that really matter is a huge plus. This feature can save a lot of time and help traders concentrate on what is really important.
Secondly, market analysis can be found on the trading platform itself. Usually, traders have to consult external sources when looking for breaking news and updates regarding the assets they are about to trade. This is no longer the problem when trading with IQ Option. Everything traders should know about the assets of their choice can be found without leaving the trading app.
News, Economic Calendar and Earnings Calendar are three separate tabs in the Market Analysis interface. Each of them is dedicated to a separate trading aspect.
News’ concentrates on delivering timely information on the world’s most important financial and economic events. Currency exchange rate fluctuations and events that have triggered them can be found here. Major political events, as well, can directly influence the exchange rate of national currencies.
Economic Calendar’ is a collection of upcoming Forex-related events. In the world of trading everything is interconnected. Inflation rates and unemployment can affect the exchange rate of national currencies. Economic Calendar, therefore, warns traders of upcoming announcements that can be turned into trading opportunities. Is a useful feature that can be found on numerous Forex-related websites and online services.
Earnings Calendar’ works in the same manner as Economic Calendar but for Stock Market. Stock prices go up and down depending on the fundamentals — important metrics that mirror the financial wellbeing of the company. Earnings reports (quarterly financial announcements made by all public companies) can trigger massive price swings. It is, therefore, beneficial to have them all listed in one place, knowing when to trade what company.
One more source of invaluable knowledge is IQ Blog, a resource dedicated to in-depth materials. What kind of articles can be found in the IQ Option Blog? Most articles fall into one of the following categories: technical analysis, industry news, platform upgrades, trading strategies, and tips.
Technical analysis is an extremely important element of most trading strategies. Indicators and patterns, applied correctly, can yield impressive results. Mastery in this field can set successful traders apart from their less successful counterparts. Even when trading with fundamentals in mind, traders still turn to technical analysis in order to validate certain theories and double-check investment decisions they are about to make. Both newcomers and industry veterans turn to it to increase their chances of success. Hence the sheer number of articles on the topic of indicators and technical analysis in general.
Technical analysis, however, is not the only topic that is covered in the IQ Blog. Articles also feature earnings reports, trading-related news, platform upgrades, strategies and tips. By reading them, traders can learn about important upcoming events, trading opportunities and ways to capitalize on them.
All in all, these two features — Market Analysis and IQ Blog — can help an aspiring trader become better by providing timely and accurate information on a wide range of topics: from technical analysis indicators and patterns to stock and currency trading. In trading, education is extremely important. As in any other pursuit, the same principles apply to the financial markets: the more you know, the more informed decision you make, the better the final result.
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